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Your hairstyle on your wedding day needs to stand out from your usual everyday hair.

Bridal hair is different from your hairstyle during any other occasion, as it needs to be that little bit more special. With a specific hairstyle in mind, the stylists can spend an hour or more in fixing your hair and placing accessories if you want any. So why not achieve the most out of your look with a professional stylist from Wedding Stylist Portugal?


Every bride that walks through our salon doors has a different look, a different taste in hairstyle, and a different dream look for the wedding day. So, while we take the bride’s hairstyle goals into consideration, we also make every bridal hairstyle unique and elegant, which is why the actual time taken to accomplish each hairdo may vary but is usually around 1 to 1.5 hours.


Secure Hairstyle

As the bride, your hair is bound to go through a lot, so it needs to withstand the duration of the entire wedding day. If the wedding or reception is outdoors, your bridal hair may need to be worn in windy conditions outside, and while you may be indoors, your hair may also need to survive a lot of dancing. Your hair needs to be done and expertly styled by professional so that the hair is held in place and remains secure for the entire


Wear your hair like a crown and carry yourself like a queen.

Getting your hair styled is the highlight of your wedding day. Whether you love the whole styling process or love the way your hair looks like afterward, you should get a professional hair stylist that takes your hair goals into account and achieves them to help you look your best. We create the most flattering look that frames your hair around your face. There’s a bridal look trial, so we can use this opportunity to see if you suit having some softer, flowing hair around your face, or if having it tied back loosely will compliment your look, or if you feel more comfortable with having it pulled back in a slicker style.

Picture Perfect

Photos are a great way to remember your wedding day. That means that your hair will be taken pictures of from every angle by your hired photographer, so it’s important to consider all the sides and how the entire hairstyle will look like from every angle.

Elegant & Timeless

We strive to achieve an elegant, sophisticated, and timeless hairstyle that will make your wedding day memorable. We guarantee that we will give you a final hairstyle that compliments your features well and makes you look absolutely gorgeous on one of the biggest days of your life. Our professional stylists are the heart and soul of each hairstyle as they are talented in working with hair and experts in the art of hair styling. We use some of the best products on the market in order to give you a hairstyle that both you and others will love.


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