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Professional Assistance

Planning an entire wedding is a massive undertaking, but it’s also important to take note of the drama that happens behind it all. There are a lot of unpredictable things that go on behind the scenes of each and every wedding. Even with extensive planning, a lot of things you may have not accounted for may happen. That’s why, here at Wedding Stylist Portugal, we ensure that you get professional assistance after your bridal hair and makeup. It’s like having a pro bridesmaid by your side that assists and supports you throughout the wedding day especially in cases where there are fixes or touch-ups required.

Bridal Makeup Touch-ups

A lot of things may cause some issues with makeup, that includes crying during the ceremony, a bit of lipstick that may have been smudged after eating some delicious wedding cake, and just plain-old sweat if the wedding venue isn’t well-ventilated. These aren’t so easily solved on your own. However, with professional assistance from us,  you won’t have to worry about having to touch up your foundation, checking if you have mascara-stained cheeks (from tears of joy during the wedding ceremony), or reapplying your lipstick. Having one of our artists and stylists accompany you and your guests during your wedding in the Algarve or Portugal ensures absolute perfection. 

Bridal Hairstyle Fixes

Humid weather and hair don’t mix well together. If you’re having your wedding ceremony and the reception in a well-ventilated indoor area, then you may not experience many problems with your hair. However, if the wedding is set to commence on an outside venue, then you’re bound to face issues that a simple hair tuck behind the ear can’t fix. If you’re concerned about some weather conditions that may have an effect on your hair and the way it’s styled, may it be in a French twist, high bun, or a classic updo, worry no more. We’ve got you covered. Having a professional stylist by your side right up to the end of your wedding ceremony in the Algarve or Portugal will guarantee absolute hairstyle perfection throughout!

Professional Assistance for Your Wedding in the Algarve or Portugal

Feel more comfortable in your own skin knowing that there’s a professional that will help you out in case things don’t quite go as planned. Whether it’s the humid air in the venue affecting your hairstyle or a lipstick touch-up required after eating a slice of that delicious wedding cake – instant fix from the professional assistance we’ll provide!


At Wedding Stylist Portugal, we make it our duty to ensure that everything goes smoothly for your hair and makeup looks on your very special day. Whether you or your bridal guests need any touch-ups or minor fixes with your hair and makeup, we provide you professional assistance to ensure a smooth-sailing wedding ceremony. With someone who truly cares, is kind, and has the skills to help you with any fixes or touch-ups, you can relax, knowing that everything will go smoothly during your wedding in the Algarve or Portugal.


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