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Comprehensive wedding hairstyle and makeup services for the bride and the guests.

Vilamoura, Algarve, Portugal


Wedding Stylist Portugal
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Whether you’re the bride, a relative, or one of the bridal guests, it’s important that while you’re getting your makeup done and your hair styled, you’ll be able to relax in a space that makes you feel comfortable. Here at Wedding Stylist Portugal, we let you choose from either the walk-in or at-home service options.


Not just that, since we normally cater to a lot of wedding clients at once, regardless of the size of your wedding entourage, whether it is small chamber or large fancy, our large team of wedding stylists can prepare the bride and all the guests efficiently.

Makeup & Hairstyling for the Bride

The wedding day is when so much chaos usually occurs around you, the star of the show. On this special event, you deserve a quiet, stress-free moment of pampering right before you say your vows. What better way to do it than get dolled up at home or at the venue? It’s one of the biggest days of your life, so there’s absolutely no doubt that there will be a ton of butterflies in your stomach while you’re busy getting ready for your wedding.


And since you’re preparing to exchange vows, the last thing you need is a chaotic environment that has a lot of noise and distractions. When you book your makeup and hairstyling at-home service with us, you can literally get ready in your own bedroom, or if you prefer, you can always walk-in our beauty house for your preparations..


On your wedding day, with so much chaos around you, you deserve a quiet moment of pampering. Having your hairstyle and makeup done at home or at the venue will help you avoid the hustle and bustle of going to a regular beauty parlour while getting ready. But of course, you can always have the option of walk-in service at our peaceful beauty house if that is what you prefer to have.

Makeup & Hairstyling for the Bridal Guests

We provide makeup and hair styling services for the bride, bridesmaids, family, and guests. You may choose any convenient package for your event. We usually cater to large weddings, but we can also cater to a smaller number of guests.


We offer extensive makeup and hair styling services for all the guests, regardless of the size of the wedding.  With this, you’ll have a large team of makeup and hair stylists that can work on everyone at once, whether you book an at-home or walk-in service package. With a large team preparing the bride and the guests, everyone will look their best and be prepared on time for the wedding.


Be prepared for your big day at the comfort of your home, at the convenience of the venue, or at our beauty house. We make the whole process simple and convenient all while ensuring that you achieve your dream wedding makeup and hairstyle, as we make you look absolutely tantalizing.


It is our duty to make you look jaw-droppingly gorgeous on your wedding day. Whether you want mineral makeup look, natural minimal makeup look, or any other look that you’d like to achieve on your wedding day, we provide you all types of bridal makeup and hairstyling services at home for your ease. Be pampered and prepare for your wedding day with ease in the comfort of your home, our beauty house, or the venue itself. Here are some of our brides that availed walk-in and at-home service that looked absolutely stunning on their wedding days!


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