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Trial sessions

The bridal hair and makeup experience of our wonderful brides begin with the trial that helps the bride decide how they want to look on their big day. Having a trial for what your final bridal makeup and hairstyling will be on your wedding day is definitely recommended, especially if you’re not someone that often wears makeup. This is so you’re sure that you’ll get the dream look that you desire.

On the day of the trial, we like to get to know the bride and what look she would like to achieve, so that the look matches the bride, and we perfectly give the bride the target makeup and hairstyle.


Consult with the stylists

It’s best that even before you go to the salon for the trial, you’ve already done a bit of research on what you want. This is so you can easily communicate with your stylists and let them know what your preferences are and inform them on what kind of styles you would like to see on yourself on your wedding day.

Dress up for visualization

During the trial session, it’s best to wear a top that has the same or similar colour and neckline to your wedding dress so that you can get a very good feel of the overall look.

Bring references

It will be very helpful to bring references of your ideal looks and also prepare photos of your gowns and evening dresses which will be used on the wedding. This will let us give you better advice on what kind of bridal makeup and hairstyling will best suit you on your wedding day.

After the trial

After the trial makeup and hairstyling is done, it’ll be best to leave the makeup on for a period of time just to test how long the makeup will last, how long the curls, the sleeked back, or the tied-up hair stays in the weather. You can also let the makeup artist and the hairstylist know what areas you like about the look and if there is a need to make adjustments so you can ensure that your makeup stays fresh and lasting on your big day.


Since your wedding is the one of the most important days of your life, it’s vital that you get to choose and know what kind of looks you will be having for your big day. These bridal makeup and hair style trial sessions will serve as practice runs that will help prepare you for your wedding day. The trial will give you a clearer, much more specific idea of how you really want to look at the wedding, and you will also be able to pinpoint what details you want to have changed. Check out some of our trial makeup looks and hairstyles for our brides.


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